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Thread: What to do when Pokemon go servers are down*

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    What to do when Pokemon go servers are down*

    I can not log in to my Pokemon Go account and can not play anymore this game since the last time I tried to log in. Every time it shows a pop-up servers are currently down. Have any way to solve this problem?

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    Sometimes it is showed that the Pokémon Go login servers are currently down, then you are not allowed to launch the app. Don’t worry and don’t delete the app by thinking re-downloading it, because this occurs due to servers problem. In order to solving the issue, you need to try more and more by entering your account name and password and have to be patient until the servers back. During this problem, the servers trying to connect with you and authenticate you. This is a common problem occurring now a days with this game. The authority are working hard to fix this problem, hopefully the problem will fix soon and you all can play this game without any logging error.

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