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Thread: Intel i5 6500 vs 6600k*

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    Intel i5 6500 vs 6600k*

    I want to buy an Intel i5 processor but confused with Intel i5 6500 as well as 6600k. I didn’t get any solution which would have better performance. Would anyone give me some information like individual advantages of Intel i5 6500 and 6600k? Also include your recommendation.

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    Hello Noah,
    Make your decision forward in the case of advantages-
    Intel Core i5-6500 advantages
    • Power consumption of this processor is better.
    • Based on current official prices, the i5-6500 is 21% cheaper.
    • The CPU has 13% better performance ratio than the Intel i5-6600K.
    Intel Core i5-6600K advantages
    • In single-threaded applications, the processor has 9% higher performance.
    • Multi-threaded performance of the i5-6600K is better.
    • The Core i5-6600K has 7% higher performance when running memory-intensive programs.
    • The Intel i5-6600K is 12% faster in graphics applications.
    • The Intel Core i5-6600K CPU features unlocked clock multiplier. The microprocessor can be easily overclocked on most motherboards.

    My recommendation is to buy Processor obviously goes to i5-6600K processor. (Based on overall performance)

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