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Thread: Top 5 cameras for making Virtual reality videos

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    Top 5 cameras for making Virtual reality videos

    Hi, I want to make some 3D videos for my YouTube channel. Can you suggest me Top 5 cameras for making Virtual reality videos? I will go to market tomorrow, so help me to choose the best one. Thanks.

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    Hello Miraz,
    Here is the list of Top 5 cameras for making Virtual reality videos for your channel.
    Nokia OZO is the best video camera with its unique style and look. It features with eight video censors for capturing as well as filming impressive professional videos.
    Freedom360 GoPro Mount is built with the right equipment for making the virtual reality videos. You can record six videos at a time by using six GoPro cameras with this mount.
    Ricoh Theta will be the best for personal capturing as well as professional photos and virtual reality videos. It can be easily handle and carry at any location. Having the ability of 25 minutes full HD recording at 30 frames per second.
    Giroptic 360cam is built in Wi-Fi and GPS, also few different capturing modes that produce high quality videos and photos. It comes with a filled egg shaped as well as easy to carry and handle.
    V.360 is able to capture at an adjustable resolution, also you can edit and watch photos or videos from your computer by connecting through Wi-Fi or USB.

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