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Thread: 5 signs that show your phone is hacked

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    5 signs that show your phone is hacked

    How can I guess that my phone is now hacked. What kind of changed make me fell that my phone is now under controlled by unknown person. Please mention those sign that show my phone is hacked. Thanks.

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    Hello dude,
    5 signs that show your phone is hacked
    Strange Texts
    Strange SMS text messages received as an initial attempt to hack a smartphone. These attacks are similar to malicious email viruses, however on a mobile device the SMS only has to be received by the smartphone, with no download action taken by the user. So Check your contacts to see if any unknown texts exist here.
    Unauthorized Use
    Hacker will be able to send texts, make calls, or access the internet using your phone. So your call history, sent text messages, or other functions unbeknownst to the user. Always check your call, text, and camera function history, and if you notice anything you did not perform yourself, then your phone is remotely under the control of another user or a hacker.
    Service Disruptions
    If you are experiencing noises during phone calls that are normally not an issue, it could be a sign someone is attempting to access your phone. If your service provider cannot provide an explanation as to why these events are happening all of the sudden, a hacking attempt can be considered as the culprit.
    Diagnostic Test
    Hacker try to install malware or any other similar software on your phone so if you guess that your phone not response timely then you should immediately take a diagnostic test from your service provider and make sure your maximum security.

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    Ohh sorry I missed that line
    If you see that some
    Weird charges on your credit card then it may be the worse work from hacker.
    Do you see a charge for something that you never ordered could be malware from a fake store set up specifically for smartphone hacking. If this will happen then immediate shut your account down and lock all property about your payment issues.

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